Stumps are a hassle to remove and while there are other ways to remove them, such as digging and burning, we recommend stump grinding as an efficient, affordable, and tidy method.

Proper Equipment and Expertise:

Stump grinders aren’t easy to hire, so hiring an arborist to do the job means you make the most of their certified equipment as well as their expertise to do the job safely and accurately.

Risks are Eliminated and Insured:
Stump grinding is tricky and, without proper training, it can be easy for something to go wrong. Getting an arborist to do the job means they are certified in using the equipment and they know what to look out for and how to omit risks before beginning. If any damage does occur, you can be assured with the fact that the arborist is insured to cover damage expenses.

Once you add up the costs to hire a stump grinder as well as factor in any risks of doing it yourself, it is most likely that getting a professional to do the job properly will work out more affordable.

Being trained in using the equipment and having a wealth of experience means arborists become very efficient. They save you a lot of time and hassle in getting what can be a simple job done.

Tidier space:
Once the stump is ground down a pile of wood chips will be left behind. This can be used in other areas of your garden as mulch, or the debris can be taken away by the arborist saving you the trouble of rubbish removal.

Less Damage:
Stump grinding does not intrude on your yard as much as digging out the stump and roots with a digger or similar, as the machine is much smaller and can concentrate on the particular areas you want. There is also no bother of smoke as when burning.


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