Save time and money, hire ArborCare. Professional tree care in Gisborne Tairāwhiti for commercial, agricultural and residential properties.

Trees are beautiful and we love seeing Gisborne’s gardens, residential streets and parks come to life with trees. However, trees need to be maintained, choose a professional and reliable service to do this to ensure the health of your tree and the safety of your family – choose ArborCare Tree Company.

Commercial Contractors

Our professional fleet has a depth of experience and equipment. We are uniquely qualified to tackle a wide range of large and complex commercial arborist and tree care jobs.

Our team is Firstlight Network approved; we carry $10 million in insurance cover; We have an outstanding safety record.

Residential Homes and Gardens

The trees that surround your home fortify your refuge from the world. We understand that your home is your haven, and we want to ensure that it remains that way.

Our Gisborne Tairāwhiti residential tree care team offers a full tree maintenance service; tree pruning, hedge trimming, power line clearance, storm damage, tree removal, stump grinding, tree inspections and planting.

Firstlight Network Powerline Approved

We work with Gisborne District Council and Firstlight Network regulations to keep trees safe and clear from overhead lines.

Tree owners are responsible for the clearance of their trees from power lines. Trimming trees close to power lines can be very hazardous and it is illegal to work near power lines without authorisation. Our Arborists are highly skilled in line clearance with the appropriate machinery and training.

Trees that matter

We have a passion for trees and we understand the importance they play to our environment, our homes and recreational areas. We want to ensure that your enjoyment of the trees in your garden keep your whānau and home safe, are appropriately sized and healthy. Trees are a lifetime investment and to ensure they remain healthy, you need to maintain them.

Our residential tree care team have quick response times, are experienced and qualified with the right equipment. We work in your garden as safely as possible, with minimal disruption and disturbance.

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